Through grant funds the ORSWMD is revitalizing the Illegal Dumpsite Project from 2004. Dumpsites cleaned up during the last project will be resurveyed and new dumpsites will be identified. With help from partner organizations dumpsites will be cleaned up and signs placed.

Volunteers remove illegally dumped furniture.July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 Statistics:

  • 4 clean up events
  • 78 volunteers
  • 231 tires collected
  • 300 pounds of metal recycled
  • 45 pounds of electronics recycled
  • 7.16 tons of trash landfilled!

Interested in volunteering to help clean up or adopt a dumpsite? Contact us at or 573-265-2993.


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Time-lapse video of an illegal dump clean up on Mark Twain National Forest land in Crawford County