#4 Industrial Drive
St. James, MO 65559

Phone: 573-265-2993
Fax: 573-265-3550



MRPC Executive Director
Bonnie Prigge – bprigge@meramecregion.org

Environmental Manager
Tammy Snodgrass – tsnodgrass@meramecregion.org

Environmental Specialists
Jill Hollowell – jhollowell@meramecregion.org
Kathryn Hawes – khawes@meramecregion.org
Patrick Stites – pstites@meramecregion.org

Marketing and Communications Manager (Website updates or issues can be addressed to this person.)

Caitlin Jones – cjones@meramecregion.org

Ozark Rivers contracts with Meramec Regional Planning Commission for staffing and day-to-day operations.