Brady Wilson

Darrell Skiles

Steve Vogt

Craig French

Executive Council Members

Ray Mortimeyer
(Crawford County)

Arthur Cook
(Crawford County)

Darrell Skiles
(Dent County)

Brad Nash
(Dent County)

Mark Wallace
(Gasconade County)

Jim Holland
(Gasconade County)

Steve Vogt
(Maries County)

Victor Stratman
(Maries County)

Brady Wilson
(Phelps County)

Shane Anselm
(Phelps County)

Craig French
(Fort Leonard Wood)

Anita Ivey
(Pulaski County)

Troy Porter
(Pulaski County)

Gary Gilliam
(Washington County)

Dave Sansegraw
(Washington County)

Board Members

Crawford County
Danny Skaggs, Mayor of Bourbon
Ray Mortimeyer, Mayor of Cuba
Bill Bennett, Representing Steelville
Dennis Watz, Mayor of Sullivan
Maria Potter, Representing Crawford County
Arthur Cook, Representing Steelville

Dent County
Darrell Skiles, Presiding Commissioner of Dent County
Brad Nash, Mayor of Salem
Gary Larson, Associate Commissioner of Dent County

Gasconade County
Lee Medlock, Mayor of Bland
Mark Wallace, City Admin. of Hermann
John Kamler, Mayor of Owensville
Larry Miskel, Presiding Commissioner of Dent County
Jim Holland, Associate Commissioner of Dent County

Maries County
Steve Vogt, Representing Belle
Jeremy Smith, Mayor of Vienna
T.C. James, Associate Commissioner of Maries County
Victor Stratman, Presiding Commissioner of Maries County

Phelps County
Brady Wilson, Representing Rolla
Billy Martin, Mayor of Doolittle
Jim Fleming, Representing St. James
Shane Anselm, Representing Rolla
Gary Hicks, Associate Commissioner of Phelps County

Pulaski County
Don Theberge, Representing Crocker
Richard Hill, Mayor of Dixon
Dana Tanner, Mayor of Richland
Anita Ivey, City Administrator of St. Robert
Mitch McDonald, Representing Waynesville
Craig French, Representing Fort Leonard Wood
Zachary Shepherd, Representing Dixon
Troy Porter, Representing Pulaski County

Washington County
Gary Gilliam, Representing Earth City
David Sansegraw, Presiding Commissioner of Washington County
Cody Brinley, Associate Commissioner of Washington County