One Positive Change Will Make a Difference for Planet Earth

Celebrating Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary

We waste so much. Thousands of things that could be reused or recycled end up along roadways or sent to landfills. Let’s inspire people to reduce waste now and for future generations through the Ozark Rivers annual Earth Day Poster and Trash Art Contest.

Waste is everyone’s problem and everyone has a role to play in the solution. The little things we can all do will, together, make a difference.

This is about taking collective strides made up of small, individual steps such as recycling electronics rather than throwing them in a trash bin, composting coffee grounds or recycling highlighters and markers through your school. That is why this year’s theme, One Change for the Planet, looks to inspire the next generation today.  We have the right to live and visit places we can be proud of, and addressing the needs of our environment is an important message.

2020 Earth Day Winning Trash Art Entries

  • 2020 Gasconade County Trash Art Winning Entry
  • 2020 Dent County Winning Trash Art Entry
  • 2020 Gasconade County Winning Trash Art Entry
  • 2020 Trash Art Winning Entry
  • 2020 Trash Art Entry
  • 2020 Winning Trash Art Entry

2020 Earth Day Winning Poster Entries

  • 2020 Winning Poster Entry
  • 2020 Dent County Winning Poster Entry
  • 2020 Earth Day Poster
  • 2020 Poster Art Winner
  • 2020 Maries County Winning Poster Entry

2020 Earth Day Winning Graphic Art Entries

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29th Annual Earth Day Poster and Trash Art Contest Info

Students and homeschool students in grades Pre-K to 12th who meet the criteria in one of the following counties: Crawford, Dent, Gasconade, Maries, Phelps, Pulaski or Washington are encouraged to participate. The Graphic Art section is also open to post-secondary students enrolled in the seven county region.

First Place winners receive: Earth-friendly gifts ($30 value). Second Place winners receive: Earth-friendly gifts ($15 value). Honorable mentions receive: Earth Friendly gifts ($5 value). Prizes are made of recyclable material. All participants will receive a small token from the district.

Entries may be completed any time during the year, submissions only accepted between March 1 and April 10. Entries maybe taken to the county clerk’s office at your local courthouse for collection or delivered directly to MRPC. If submitting five or more trash art projects, contact the district to arrange transport. No projects will be accepted after April 10, 2020.

Submission Guidelines

All poster and electronic art entries should promote the themes of protecting the planet through reducing, reusing, recycling, re-purposing, and rotting (composting). Trash art projects need not adhere to the theme, but must be constructed of recyclable and/or re-purposed material. Additional information will be forthcoming.

  • Posters and graphic art should be no larger than 18” x 13”. Copyrighted clip art and other characters (like Superman) will be accepted, but cannot be used in future promotions.
  • Trash art projects should be no larger than 1’ x 1’ x 1’. Projects must be made from recycled or re-purposed materials.
  • All submissions must have: student name and grade; school district and school name; teacher’s name or homeschool contact information. Entries without proper identification may be disqualified.
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