2024 Theme: Plastic vs. Planet

Celebrating Ozark River’s 33rd Annual Earth Day Contest

Theme: Plastic vs. Planet

Making a Positive Impact Through the Power of Art

Through art, let’s inspire others to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic for a healthier planet.

Did you know?  79% of plastic that has ever been made STILL sits in landfills or the natural environment.

  • Reducing means less plastic is created.
  • Reusing makes the most of the plastic that already exits.
  • Recycling uses the plastic that exists to reduce the need for new material.

To learn where to take your resources to be recycled visit our handy “location locator by zip code” from our website or give us a call at 573-265-2993.

Let’s always recycle appliances, electronics and tires.  Recycling electronics allows valuable elements such as gold and silver to be reused and prevents other toxic chemicals from entering our landfills that may leach into groundwater. Tires may be recycled into picnic tables and benches!

Let’s recycle household hazardous wastes, such as rechargeable batteries, oil-based paint, household cleaners, lawn and garden products, automotive fluids, bug sprays, flea collars, fluorescent light bulbs, cooking oil, automotive fluids, aerosols and all that stuff in your garage or under your sink.

Do join us by entering the Ozark Rivers Earth Day Art Contest, your art may motivate others to RethinK their daily waste habits.  A contest flier is located by clicking here.


Annual Earth Day Poster and Trash Art Contest Info

Students and homeschool students in grades K to 12th, residing in one of the following counties: Crawford, Dent, Gasconade, Maries, Phelps, Pulaski or Washington are encouraged to participate. The Graphic Art section is also open to post-secondary students enrolled in the seven-county region.

First Place winners receive: Earth-friendly gifts ($30 value). Second Place winners receive: Earth-friendly gifts ($15 value). Honorable mentions receive: Earth Friendly gifts ($5 value). Prizes are made of recyclable material. All contest participants will receive a small token from the district.

Entries may be completed any time during the year. Submissions only accepted between March 1 and March 15. Entries may be taken to the county clerk’s office at your local courthouse for collection or delivered directly to MRPC, 4 Industrial Drive, St. James. If submitting five or more trash art projects, contact the district to arrange transport. No projects will be accepted after March 15.

Submission Guidelines

All poster and electronic art entries should promote the annual theme. Trash art projects need not adhere to the theme, but should be constructed of recyclable and/or re-purposed material. Projects may be completed at home or in the classroom.

  • Posters and graphic art should be no larger than 18” x 13”. Copyrighted clip art and other characters (like Superman) will be accepted, but cannot be used in future promotions.
  • Trash art projects should be no larger than 1’ x 1’ x 1’. Projects must be made from recycled or re-purposed materials.
  • All submissions must have: student name and grade; school district and school name; teacher/sponsor’s name or homeschool contact information. Entries without proper identification may be disqualified.

2024 Winning Projects