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America Recycles Day (Happens in Nov.)

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Keep America Beautiful Campaign for Recycling:  (an engaging theme)

I want to be a……   (Ad Council Recycling Video 60 sec.)

Do you want to be a garbologist?
By Roberta Crowell Barbalace

The study of garbage has given us much insight into civilizations of yesteryear. It has been instrumental in solving crimes. It has even resulted in the fall of an American president.

Humans are by their very nature careless with trash. It is not a trait of the 20th century. Garbologists have discovered that people let trash fall where it may.

As the timeline of garbage history suggests (below), there has been a problem of trash from man’s earliest time. Four basic means of dealing with trash have been used over and over in history. 1. Dumping 2. Burning 3. Recycling 4.Waste minimization
The History of Waste:

Start a Recycling Program in Your Facility

Terracycle Collection programs: – If you don’t have recycling at your school, here are items that can be shipped off for free, e.g., Scotch Tape Recycling Program.