By Ray Long

Grasp the technological know-how in the back of Vinyasa movement and the status poses of Hatha Yoga. Dr. Ray lengthy courses you on a visible narrative throughout the anatomy, biomechanics, and body structure of this historical artwork, deciphering each one pose alongside the way in which. The Mat Companion sequence will give you fantastically illustrated, step by step directions on how one can use clinical ideas to procure the utmost reap the benefits of your perform. every one e-book contains the Bandha Yoga Codex, an easy five-step procedure that may be utilized to any pose to enhance power, flexibility, and precision -- it doesn't matter what form of yoga you perform.

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Exhale and roll back over into Dandasana. 5. Inhale deeply, lifting and expanding the chest in Dandasana. 6. Exhale and lift the torso and swing (or step) back through the arms into Chaturanga. 7. Inhale into Upward Dog. 8. Exhale into Downward Dog. Hold this pose for five deep breaths and then repeat the flow, adding the next pose. A c 38. Roll over into Halasana and then exhale and lift the legs into Shoulder Stand. Lean back into the hands and contract the biceps to bend the elbows; press the hands into the back and open the chest forward.

F I G U R E 4 Once you are warmed up from doing a few rounds of Vinyasa. attempt to "scrub" the hands forward while at the same time trying to press the feet backwards (as if you were pushing om of a runner's starting blocks). Press the mounds of the index fingers into the mat to engage the pronators teres and quadratus of the forearms. Then attempt to bend the elbows and scrub the hands forward to activate the biceps, brachialis. and anterior deltoid muscles. The elbows won't actually bend and the hands won't move, but the force of con­ tracting these muscles stabilizes the shoulders and upper extremities.

3B. Take Triang Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana (Three Limbs Face One Foot Pose), bending one knee and straightening the other. This is an asymmetrical pose in which the tendency is to lean to the straight­ leg side. Balance this by engaging the muscles that push and draw D you towards the bent-knee side. Repeat on the other side. 3C. Flex, abduct, and externally rotate the hip on one side, bending the knee to form Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Pose). Extend the other knee and reach forward to grasp the foot.

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