By Rudolf Steiner

Written in 1909 (CW 13)

"Esoteric technological know-how is the technology of what happens esoterically, within the feel that it really is perceived now not outdoor in nature yet the place one’s soul turns whilst it directs its internal being towards the spirit. Esoteric technological know-how is the other and counterpart of ordinary science."

Rudolf Steiner

This masterwork of esotericism locations humankind on the very center of the large, invisible methods of cosmic evolution. once we use the time period “natural science,” don’t we suggest that we're facing human wisdom of nature?

Steiner labored and transformed his Rosicrucian cosmology to make it more and more targeted and actual. An define of Esoteric Science is as very important and suitable now because it was once whilst first released in 1910 and is still the main complete and potent presentation of a religious substitute to modern, materialistic cosmologies and a strict Darwinian view of human nature and evolution.

In this foundational paintings of religious technology, we see how the production and evolution of humanity is embedded on the center of the substantial, invisible internet of interacting cosmic beings, via whom the alchemical tactics of cosmic evolution proceed to adapt. incorporated are descriptions of the physical-spiritual make-up of the person; the relationships of the various "bodies" of the person to sleep and dying; and an in depth, useful consultant to equipment and routines, together with the “Rose move Meditation,” during which we will reach wisdom of the non secular worlds.

The so much outstanding and progressive point of this paintings is the vital functionality that Steiner attributes to the Christ and his involvement in human and earthly evolution during the secret of Golgotha.


  • advent by means of Clopper Almon
  • Preface by way of Rudolf Steiner
  • the nature of Esoteric technological know-how
  • The make-up of the person
  • Sleep and loss of life
  • Cosmic Evolution and the person
  • wisdom of upper Worlds―Initiation
  • Cosmic and Human Evolution―Now and sooner or later
  • info from the sector of religious technological know-how
  • Appendix: Rudolf Steiner’s Early Introductions
  • extra analyzing

This is key interpreting for all critical scholars of esoteric spirituality.

Previous translations: An define of Occult Science and Occult technological know-how: An Outline.
An define of Esoteric Science is a translation of Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss (GA 13).

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Extra info for An Outline of Esoteric Science: (CW 13) (Classics in Anthroposophy)

Example text

But the nature of a thing is not determined by how gradually the word designating it came about. The important point is that the essential being of the I in self-awareness is “older than the word I,” and that we are compelled to use this particular little word, endowed with qualities belonging to it alone, for the element in our interrelationship with the outer world that is different from what an animal can experience. Nothing can be shown about the nature of a triangle by showing how the word “triangle” came about; similarly, nothing can be concluded about the nature of the I by knowing how the word developed out of a different verbal usage in the course of the evolution of language.

Still others raise the objection that it is possible for everyone to share a common knowledge of the facts of the sense-perceptible world, but since knowledge of supersensible things is only a matter of personal, individual opinion, we should not speak of universal certainty in such things. And there are others who make many other assertions. It becomes clear that observing the visible world presents us with riddles that can never be solved on the basis of the facts of this world alone. They will never be solved in this way, regardless of how far the science of these facts may advance, because the very inner nature of the The Character of Esoteric Science 21 visible facts points clearly to a hidden world.

By taking in the results of spiritual research, we also set out on our own inner path toward discovering these results for ourselves. It is true that to begin with, what is meant here is often not noticed at all by those who read it. People imagine entering the spiritual world to be much too similar to a sensory experience, and so they find their experiences in reading about this world much too thought-like. But if we are truly absorbing these things as thoughts, we are already in the midst of the spiritual world and must only realize that we are already experiencing (although we do not notice it) what we believed we were merely receiving in the form of thoughts communicated to us.

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