By Piers Moore Ede

This is often the tale of a guy who launched into a quest that many folks have dreamed approximately. upset via a global addicted to fabric wealth and clinical truth, he made up our minds to go back and forth around the globe looking for whatever extra significant: the paranormal, the magical. His trip takes him from snow-blanketed villages within the Himalayas to tiny, covert groups of whirling dervishes in rural Turkey; from the world's greatest spiritual pageant at the banks of the swollen Ganges to a dappled, historical Sufi region in Delhi. Lyrical and clear-sighted, "All sorts of Magic" is an interesting exploration of the hidden international of miracles that's immediately deeply own and common in its scope.

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Uncommon Wisdom: Conversations With Remarkable People

PDF | 332 pages | English

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In trying to convey how encounters with a variety of humans fueled the writing of his bestsellers The Tao of Physics and The Turning element, Capra's new publication is alternately superficial and meaty. That he as soon as sat subsequent to Alan Watts at a cocktail party, heard Krishnamurti lecture and exchanged observations with Indira Gandhi is revealing of not anything; nor is the designated synopsis of the author's analyzing conduct. extra fascinating are conversations recorded right here with physicists Werner Heisenberg and Geoffrey chunk, psychotherapists Stanislav Grof and R. D. Laing, economists Hazel Henderson and E. F. Schumacher, and with figures corresponding to platforms theorist Gregory Bateson, holistic melanoma therapist Carl Simonton and feminist Charlene Spretnak. How Capra got here to understand parallels among sleek physics and japanese mysticism, then went past this to a structures standpoint embracing ecology and religious wisdom, is the heady subject of this self-preoccupied yet frequently stimulating set of talks.

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Capra, writer of The Tao of Physics , is legendary for his special mixture of physics and mysticism. the following he lines the improvement of his concept through offering a chain of conversations with many influential thinkers, together with Werner Heisenberg, R. D. Laing, Alan Watts, and Margaret Lock. those conversations came about among 1969 and the "Big Sur Dialogues" symposium in 1979 and diversity in topic from technological know-how to politics, anthropology to holistic medication. Capra feels that his contribution has been only to set up hyperlinks among the guidelines of those hugely unique thinkers, all of whom figured mostly in his evolution from a standard physicist to the spokesman for a brand new imaginative and prescient of reality.

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Fritjof Capra obtained his PhD in theoretical physics from the college of Vienna and has performed examine in high-energy physics at numerous ecu and American universities. Capra has written and lectured largely concerning the philosophical implications of recent technology and is writer of 'The Tao of Physics', 'The Turning Point' and 'Uncommon Wisdom'. at present Director of the Centre for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley, California, he lives in Berkeley along with his spouse and daughter.

Alquimia y Mistica: El Museo Hermetico

Este compendio plasma l. a. riquísima tradición artística de l. a. alquimia, desde las tallas medievales hasta las ilustraciones de William Blake.

A marvelous trip in the course of the heritage of esoteric lore: the good paintings of the alchemists. The airtight Museum takes its readers on a mystical secret journey spanning an arc from the mediaeval cosmogram and pictures of Christian mysticism, in the course of the interesting global of alchemy to the paintings of the Romantic period. The enigmatic hieroglyphs of cabbalists, Rosicrucians and freemasons are proven to be heavily associated with the early clinical illustrations within the fields of medication, chemistry, optics and color theory.

Scottish Puritanism, 1590-1638

This publication deals a portrait of Scottish Puritanism within the generations major as much as the nationwide Convent of 1638. the writer examines the development of a Puritan neighborhood, attitudes in the direction of the Bible, where of the female in Scottish divinity, and the improvement of principles approximately predestination, covenanting, and the connection among church and country.

The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge: An Introductory Course, Lessons 1 - 12 (PHILOSOPHERS OF NATURE)

This direction on functional alchemy incorporates a sequence of classes that's relatively loved between practicioners of the Royal artwork. It offers an in-depth review of the philosophy, idea and perform of Alchemy in five volumes. this primary quantity is meant as a vital preamble to the simpler orientated classes on Alchemy of next volumes.

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The element of Tammuz is water. It shares this element with the month of Cheshvan, whose sign is Scorpio. The similarity between these two months (Tammuz and Cheshvan) is contained in the meaning of the Hebrew names of their signs. Sartan (Cancer) contains the word Satan, and akrab (Scorpio) contains akar (uprooted, destroyed) and bet (house). This 38 TAMMUZ-CANCER (CRAB) denotes that the Flood that destroyed the world, which was full of adultery and uncontrollable evil expression, occurred during the month of Cheshvan, whose element is water.

Coming as it does after the month of Tishrei, which is full of festivals, culminating in the festival of Simchat Torah (The Joy of the Torah), the month of Cheshvan is set aside for the integration of the sacred joy one experiences during Tishrei. As Nissan, with its festival Passover, corresponds to Tishrei (six months later), Iyar corresponds to Cheshvan. We may therefore expect to find many examples of correspondence. The letter Vav of Iyar symbolizes Joseph, the sixth of the seven "shepherds" of the Jewish people (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David), who correspond to the seven attributes of grace, power, beauty, victory, glory, foundation, and kingdom.

The sight and divine awareness of Nissan is aroused from Above (just as-usually-sight is associated with some external object in the field of vision), and brings a person to realize the divine Providence. This was clearly revealed to us in the great vision of the grace of God that the Jewish people experienced at the crossing of the Sea of Reeds; as it is written (Exodus, ch. 14, vol. 31), "And Israel saw the great Hand . . " So, too, in all future generations, a person may merit the grace of God by his divine service, in realizing that it is due only to one's God-given strength and inspiration that one can engage in such divine service.

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