By Patricia D. Netzley

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Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda

Reflect on the chance that the background of the human race isn't so simple as what has been taught in school room textbooks. contemplate the chance that the evolutionary medical cause of mankind has overlooked severe proof which are buried deep in the fossils and mankind's DNA. reflect on the chance that the spiritual tales that experience usually been the center foundation for mankind's realizing of the place it belongs within the background of production may very well display a planet interested by tyrannical giants and an elite very smart race bent on genetic mutation.

The Witches' Book of the Dead

Witches are creatures of magic. They forged spells, heal, and foretell the long run. What it's possible you'll now not be aware of is that Witches may also commune with the spirits of the useless. In The Witches' publication of the useless, modern day Salem Warlock Christian Day shows how the spirits of our loved useless might be summoned to accomplish such initiatives as supporting you to find hidden possibilities, impact the minds of others, seduce the item of your affection, or even achieve into the desires of the unwary.

Spiritual Properties of Herbs

This trance channeled fabric presents a close description of the religious results that herbs have on humans. Over a hundred Western and chinese language herbs are offered. issues reviewed comprise: the religious use of herbs in Atlantis, Lemuria, China, Egypt; crystals and flower essences with herbs; how herbs impact vegetation and animals spiritually; and destructive proposal types and disorder.

The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic

This richly illustrated background presents a readable and clean method of the large and complicated tale of witchcraft and magic. starting with the discovery of writing within the old global, the writer explores quite a lot of magical ideals and practices, the increase of the witch trials, and the depiction of the Devil-worshipping witch.

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They are DID YOU KNOW ? also said to have the ability to comItalian paintings created municate with humans telepathically, around 10,000 BC and a mind to mind. ”18 this proves extraterrestrials Worley also says that after studyhave been visiting Earth ing 50 cases of Nordic encounters in since ancient times. depth, out of a total of 150 encounters in all, he has found that Nordics are friendly and that their telepathic communications can leave humans in a state of euphoria or with feelings of love.

Consequently, Moroney says: I believe that the blue eyes were their attempt to soften my experience with them. Whether they had actually made alterations to their physical appearance or had simply altered [through telepathy] the way I perceived them, they made sure that I saw what I needed to see [in order to stay calm]. This sort of behavior would go a long way toward explaining why a variety of . . 20 36 In other words, maybe the reason people have seen so many different kinds of aliens—Greys, Nordics, little green men, monsters—is because the aliens can appear less threatening if they want to.

A few abductees have also claimed that aliens planted knowledge in their brains that they cannot remember; the recipients of this knowledge typically believe they will be able to recall it when it is needed in the future. A few abductees report seeing half-alien, half-human children on board the spaceship as well. According to these abductees, the aliens 46 Alien Implant or Human Underwear? Sometimes an abductee claims to have an alien implant, but none can be found. Other times an X-ray and/or physical examination reveal that a hard object is indeed under the person’s skin.

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