By Neil Powell

Whereas dated--the quantity is a part of a collection at the occult released via Doubleday in 1976--the details contained inside is actual and well timed. furthermore, the paintings comprises many beautiful illustrations/reproductions, making it a visually beautiful resource. Contents: 1 The which means of Alchemy 2 the foundations of Alchemy three Mysterious Frenchmen four The Medieval Masters five The Wandering Alchemists 6 What occurred to Alchemy? 7 intercourse and Symbolism eight Alchemy Lives On

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Fulcanelli (if it was he) told Bergier: "You are on the brink of success, as indeed are several other of our scientists today. May I be allowed to warn you to be careful? . The liberation of atomic energy is easier than you think, and the radioactivity artificially produced can poison the atmosphere of our planet in the space of a few years. Moreover, atomic explosives can be produced from a few grains of metal powerful enough to destroy whole cities. I am telling you this for a fact: the alchemists have known it for a very long time .

He smiled at my simplicity, and asked with an air of mirth: 'Do you really believe this? No, no, my friend, Flamel is still living; neither he nor his wife has yet tasted death. Above: Flamel's tombstone, one of the few indisputable relics left of his historical reality. The upper portion shows carved representations of Christ, Saint Peter, and Saint Paul, and between them the symbols of gold (or the sun) and silver (or the moon), but the inscription makes no mention of his alchemical achievements.

His research assistant, Jacques Bergier, was approached by a mysterious stranger in 1937, who warned him that science was on the brink of manipulating nuclear energy, and that in the past this same abyss had been crossed with disastrous consequences. The stranger asked Bergier to convey the warning to Helbronner. Bergier was convinced that the stranger was Fulcanelli. Helbronner was later killed by the Nazis during World War II. 53 The Medieval Masters Maybe the newly appointed city physician had been drinking too much.

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