By Colin Wilson

Is the near-death event a protection mechanism of the mind or have humans truly been at the threshold of one other global? Colin Wilson assesses the facts that includies mediumship, paranormal job, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. chiefly, he comprises the notable case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and suggested their studies of the afterlife.

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The ‘subliminal mind’. ‘Our powers are far greater than we realise’. A ‘double’ goes to church. Strindberg ‘projects’ himself to Germany. The Verity case. The Rev. Mountford sees a carriage before it arrives. Sabom’s case of ‘astral projection’. Can personality survive death? The mystery of multiple personality. Sybil, The Three Faces of Eve and the Billy Milligan case. Psychic powers of primitive peoples. Dr Wiltse’s near-death experience. The case of Michael Conley. The Rev. Stainton Moses. Spirit Teachings.

Alfred Sutro’s ‘psychic’ experience. The Rev. Bertrand’s near-death experience on a Swiss mountainside. A typical apparition from Phantasms of the Living. The near-death experience: ‘passing down a tunnel’. The death of Dr Karl Novotny, as described through a medium. How far can we trust the evidence of mediums? The emergence of an ‘overall pattern’. 2: The World of the Clairvoyant Darwin arrives in Tierra del Fuego. ‘A certain blindness in human beings’. We are blind to things that do not interest us.

In fact, Jason had been moved to safety by neighbours, but it took Sarah Jackson another hour to discover this, and in the meantime she had rushed around the streets in a frenzy, stifling in the heat. The experience had imprinted itself deep in her consciousness. According to the grandmother, she had ‘taken possession’ of Sarah Worthington when her granddaughter was playing the piano — both of them loved music. And it soon became clear that, in spite of her avowed intention of helping her granddaughter, it was Sarah Jackson herself who was in need of help.

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