By Jane Velez-Mitchell

Americans are being lured into dependancy. And what we are addicted to isn't really inevitably unlawful or maybe difficult to come back via. Prescription medicines are making us excessive. quickly foodstuff is making us fats. the net retains us regularly distracted with every thing from playing and porn to compulsive social networking. tv bombards us with glamorized violence. From billboards, to on-line pop ups, to advertisements. . . we are seduced into procuring extra stuff we do not want whereas we drown in turning out to be debt. monstrous gains fill the wallet of a handful of 'pushers' on the fee of every body else. enterprises, executive, and the media are developing the appearance that the extra we now have, the higher we're, and so we crave no matter what they are promoting and develop into hooked on their items within the technique. americans are being seduced into self-destructivebehavior on a mass scale. it is time to take our energy again. In her trademark no-holds-barred sort, Jane Velez-Mitchell asks, 'Do you actually need to be a slave, latest simply to make another individual wealthy and powerful?' If the answer's no, then learn this publication. Addict state is our blueprint for swap, yet first we needs to see what's particularly occurring. this is often an intervention!

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If you can . . you weren’t there,” is the tired joke. The sixties positively romanticized the use of psychedelics. Then the nineties demonized them. The fifties was one long love affair with smoking. ” The disco seventies, where hot pants and platform shoes were the rage, looked askance on obesity. Today, there’s an ill-advised fat acceptance movement. Our culture has lost its tolerance for drunks and smokers, but we still rationalize obesity as a lifestyle choice. Being morbidly overweight is an addiction to food, just like smoking is an addiction to cigarettes and getting drunk is an addiction to alcohol.

That’s because the addict’s pleasure receptors become skewed and require an ever-increasing amount of the same substance/behavior for the high to kick in. In other words, addicts are insatiable and will always need more of their “junk” to get off and to stay high. So the addict’s predicament is always getting more perilous. In this book, I will offer you a view into our world from an addict’s perspective and suggest where we might be headed. If you think things are bad now, imagine an America even more defined by life-threatening obesity, pervasive drug dependency, insatiable sexual perversion, ever more sadistic crime, widespread incarceration, and unnecessary war.

The Mongers: Addicted to War 12. The Sobers: Emotional Sobriety Endnotes & Interviews ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Working with Carol Rosenberg, HCI’s editor extraordinaire, has been a true gift. With enormous skill and understanding, she has guided Sandra and me through the process of making a complex premise relatable. We are also forever grateful to HCI president and publisher Peter Vegso for his confidence in our ideas and his willingness to give us a dynamic platform to express them. The entire HCI team, especially Kim Weiss, deserve kudos for getting the word out about this project.

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