By Robert Gardner

Younger scientists will discover primary chemical rules and know about what occurs whilst an acid and a base combine and which solids are stable conductors of electrical energy. Many enjoyable experiments are nice rules scholars can use for technological know-how reasonable initiatives.

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1, you tested various liquids with red cabbage juice. Now you can take those liquids that your indicator revealed to be acids or bases and test them for conductivity. Fill the vial with one of the liquids you believe to be an acid or a base. The paper clips will serve as electrodes, and the liquid will become part of the circuit shown in Figure 4. Touch the free wire to the pole of the battery that is not already connected. What happens to the compass needle? Try other liquids that were acids or bases according to the red cabbage juice indicator.

Long before there were chemists there were ashes, the remains of wood after burning. Ashes have the properties that chemists use to identify alkaline substances, or bases. Bases have a bitter taste and feel slippery like soap. Early American settlers made soap by boiling animal fat with wood ashes that had been washed. Bases, like acids, are conductors of electricity, but they turn red litmus blue, have a bitter taste, and neutralize acids. Acids and bases conduct electricity because they form charged atoms, called ions, when they dissolve in water.

Next, take the can that has six holes punched around it near its bottom. Hold this can over the sink. Quickly remove the tape. How does the projection of water from each hole compare? What can you say about the pressure at the same depth in water? Does it seem to be equal in all directions? FIGURE 7: a) Holes punched in large cans may be used to show the difference in pressure at different depths of water. b) They can also be used to show that at the same depth, pressure is equal in all directions.

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