By John E. Mack

A Harvard psychiatrist, the writer of A Prince of Our illness, presents debts of alien abduction taken from the extra than sixty circumstances he has investigated and examines the consequences for our id as a species.

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The car was parked perhaps a hundred yards from the sea. " He reported being naked in a small room with transpar­ ent curved walls. " He believes he could hear strains of melodious, light classical mu­ sic coming perhaps from houses nearby. " YOU WILL REMEMBER WHEN YO U N EED TO KNOW 39 With Ed in the pod was a small, slight female figure with long, straight, thin silvery-blond hair. Although Ed could recall no spe­ cific earlier abduction experiences, the figure "had familiar as­ pects to her," and he had vague, "very sinister," memories of "something out there" from his childhood.

Related aspect of the abduction phenomenon has to do with the provision of information and the alteration of ALIEN ABD UCTI O N S: AN OVERVIEW 25 consciousness o f the abductees. This is not a purely cogruuve process, but one that reaches deeply into the emotional and spirit­ ual lives of the experiencers, profoundly changing their perceptions of themselves, the world, and their place in it. This information concerns the fate of the earth and human responsibility for the de­ structive activities that are taking place on it.

The leader is usually felt to be male, although female leaders are also seen. Gender difference is not determined so much anatomically as by an intuitive feeling that abductees find difficult to put into words. The small grays reported have large, pear-shaped heads that protrude in the back, long arms with three or four long fingers, a thin torso, and spindly legs. Feet are not often seen directly, and are usually covered with single-piece boots. Exten1al genitalia, with rare exceptions (Joe, chapter 8), are not observed.

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