By Stephen Roos

Brisk, insightful, and compassionate, this e-book appears to be like at all of the Twelve Steps from a tender person's standpoint. Concrete path is helping convalescing youngsters make the stairs part of their lives.

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As though a hundred-ton burden of self-centered remorse and regret had been lifted from our shoulders. But no matter how many times we hear about the benefits of Step Five, probably no one has ever approached it for the first time without dread. " Ellie laughs. "In my family you didn't share anything, bad things especially. I learned early to tell everyone everything was okay all the time. " Bill nods in agreement. "When I said something was wrong with me, they'd say I should quit getting high.

So I did, but the first time was scary and I only drove three blocks. Next time I drove a couple of miles and in a couple of weeks I was fine. That's how I've done the Third Step since then. Little by little. " Anyone who thinks faith is blind hasn't heard how recovering people develop their own spirituality. Faith is a tool, and it's based on your own personal experience with it. As with other tools, faith gets better the more you experiment with it. We do with faith just what we do with anything else that's new to us: we test it.

After all, we only did what we saw others doingespecially those of us who grew up in homes where people were cold, sometimes even abusive. Our lives really did seem to be a never-ending quest for that one thing (or one person) that would make us okay, lovable, safe. " In turning our will and our lives over to the care of a higher power, we are also turning over the outcome. " As Derek learned, insisting on one solution blinds us to other solutions that are very likely better than the ones we dreamed up.

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