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The good paintings that based analytical geometry. integrated this is the unique French textual content, Descartes’ personal diagrams, including the definitive Smith-Latham translation. "The maximum unmarried step ever made within the development of the precise sciences. "— John Stuart Mill.

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We consider torsion fields induced by anholonomic vielbein transforms when the theory can be extended to a gauge [5], metric–affine [4], a more particular Riemann– Cartan case [38], or to string gravity with B–field [2]. We are also interested to define the conditions when an exact solution possesses hidden noncommutative symmetries, induced torsion and/or locally anisotropic configurations constructed, for instance, in the framework of the Einstein theory. This direction of investigation develops the results obtained in Refs.

But, in general, for this d–connection, the metricity conditions are not satisfied, for instance Da gij = 0 and Di hab = 0. e. 2: Ri hjk = ek Li hj − ej Li hk + Lmhj Li mk − Lmhk Li mj − C iha Ωakj , Rabjk = ek Labj − ej Labk + Lcbj Lack − Lcbk Lacj − C abc Ωckj , Ri jka Rcbka Ri jbc Rabcd = = = = ea Li jk − Dk C ija + C ijbT bka , ea Lcbk − Dk C cba + C cbd T cka , ec C ijb − eb C ijc + C hjb C ihc − C hjc C ihb , ed C abc − ec C abd + C ebc C aed − C ebd C aec . e. d–tensors, Rij Rkijk , Ria −Rkika , Rai Rbaib , Rab Rcabc .

The basic geometric objects on such spaces are defined by proper classes of anholonomic frames and associated N–connections and correspondingly adapted metric and linear connections. There are examples when certain Finsler like configurations are modelled by some exact solutions in Einstein or Einstein–Cartan gravity and, inversely (the outgoing effort), by using the almost Hermitian formulation [14, 20, 24] of Lagrange/Hamilton and Finsler/Cartan geometry, we can consider Einstein and gauge gravity models defined on tangen/cotangent and vector/covector bundles.

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