By Margaret Frazer

Functioning at the marriage of Sir Edmund Deneby's daughter, the participant Joliffe has one other activity to perform—as a secret agent. As he uncovers the secrets and techniques of the Denebys' sordid historical past, it turns into transparent that this marriage ceremony party is destined to finish in tragedy.

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HEY, THIS AIN’T NO INDIAN! I RECOGNIzE THESE MEN FROM BACK AT FORT HALL. YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! THEY WERE JUST ROBBERS dressed as indians! HE’D FOUGHT THE ROBBERS... IT WAS MAX! AND SAVED a baby from the ATTACK. DID YOU KNOW? The Indians hunted with bows and arrows. MAX wasn’t too badly wounded. MR. HENDRIX PATCHED HIM UP... THE WAGON TRAIN VOTED... and said he’d be FINE in a week or two. AND welcomed MAX back AS a hero! UNCLE CHARLES wasn‘t happy. The arrows had feathers on one end to help them fly straighter.

The dried dung heaps were known as buffalo chips. The chore of collecting buffalo chips was often given to the settler children. Fort Laramie Page 17 Essential Page 18 Fort Laramie was one of several places on the trail where settlers could rest, stock up on fresh food and supplies, and repair their wagons. It was originally built by fur traders as a place to do business with local Native American tribes. If you can’t do without something, it is essential. Essential items for the pioneers would have included food, clothes, and tools for cooking and repairing the wagons.

KNOWING THE SETTLERS WOULD HAve TO leave THE dead animals behind. but things seemed to be going well for us. your ma’s getting STRONGER EVERY DAY. 36 DID YOU KNOW? The oxen pulled the wagons for about 10 hours a day. but the very next day... DISASTER STRUCK! IT’S BEYOND REPAIR! what? WHy? suddenly, max froze. DON’T MOVE! INDIANS APPEARED FROM NOWHERE. i was really scared... MAX WASN’T TAKING ANY CHANCES. but THEY were MORE INTERESTED IN the OXEN THAN in us. Some settlers instead chose to use mules, which are half donkey, half horse.

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