By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Utilizing a game-like layout, this e-book illustrates the interplay of crops and animals within the Asian mangrove wooded area. The books a variety of tale paths exhibit the complex and mild foodstuff internet of the mangrove wooded area. enticing textual content and vibrant layout support show key curricular options with regards to nutrition webs and biomes.

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A weaver ant that lost its d grip on a leaf above. To finan ts out what other weaver are up to, tur n to pag e 35. Indian Monitor Lizard (Varanus indicus) The Indian monitor lizard pauses halfway up the trunk of the tree. He digs his sharp claws into the bark. What is that smell? He flicks his forked tongue in and out, in and out. The lizard learns about the world through his strong sense of smell, and it’s his tongue that picks up the odors around him. Following the smell, the Indian monitor lizard climbs back down the tree and slips into the water.

If they disappear, there will be far-reaching consequences. Last night for dinner, the api api putih soaked up nutrients from . . Va n is h in g Fo re s ts If mangrove forests ar e so important to the health of animal spec as well as to the land ies and ocean, why are th ey being cut down? W for a lot of reasons. So ell, me people want to liv e on the land. They clear the beachfront of trees. Others clear land so that they can grow crops on the land or in the ocean. Still ot hers cut down the mangroves for their wo od.

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