By Vanessa Rogers

Many young children will come into touch with medicines, yet do they comprehend the entire evidence approximately medicines? What may still they do in the event that they suppose stressed into shooting up? Do they recognize the consequences of shooting up, and what the results may well be?

This source is full of actions that tell kids approximately medicines, motivate them to imagine and speak about their values and attitudes to medicines, and support them make confident offerings. The enticing actions discover kinds of medicinal drugs and their results, and matters akin to dangers, results, peer strain, attitudes to drug-taking, and medicine and the media. This moment variation is totally up-to-date and comprises many new activities.

With enjoyable and resourceful actions starting from ice-breakers and quizzes to role-play and poster-making, this ebook is acceptable to be used with teenagers elderly 13–19, in teams and on-to-one. lecturers, adolescence employees, drug aid staff, formative years offending groups and social employees will all locate this a useful resource.

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There is a specified age to legally buy you. (Alcohol) 11. The most important psychoactive ingredients in you are tetrahydrocannabinols – THC. (Cannabis) 12. You are often smoked with tobacco. (Cannabis) 13. You are sometimes called a ‘dance drug’. (Ecstasy) 14. You are legally available to buy in lots of places. (Alcohol) 38 Warm-ups 15. You are usually measured in units. (Alcohol) 16. The chemical name for the pure form of you is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA for short. (Ecstasy) 17.

This is particularly important where a youth worker is going to be loco parentis; for example, on an overnight trip away from home. Information given should include legal requirements, including the need to pass safeguarding information on, and any exclusion processes that may be enforced, including the right to appeal. 30 Warm-ups A Little Book of drugs Definitions This is a whole-group warm-up activity that encourages young people to share their understanding and knowledge. Aim To reinforce the wide range of substances meant by the term ‘drugs’, both legal and illegal.

Alcohol) 20. You are sometimes cut with ketamine. (Ecstasy) 39 A Little Book of drugs Drug Pairs This is a good way to divide the group into pairs before starting the main activity. Aim To introduce the session topic and provide opportunities for the group to interact. You will need • A set of the ‘Drug cards 1’ • A few spare cards in case you have too many young people and have to improvise How to do it Shuffle the cards and ask each young person to choose one. If you have an odd number in the group use a blank to make up another card along one of the themes, for example ‘ECSTASY’, ‘PILLS’ or ‘E’s’.

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