By Benoît Quessy

An 2033. Un groupe d’amis évolue autour de Juillet, militante écologiste et spécialiste du cybersexe. Leur préoccupation? l. a. planète, et surtout, pourquoi l’avoir laissée périr?

Érotique et sensuel, À Juillet, toujours nue dans mes pensées jette un regard amusé et percutant sur l’avenir de notre monde, sur notre capacité à nous reproduire et à aimer… demain.

Dans un univers aux médias hypersexualisés où le terrorisme écologique semble être l’unique answer à un climat pourri, Juillet, Frank, Lol et Lou, qui n’ont pas 30 ans, cherchent, comme tous les jeunes de leur époque, l’amour et un peu d’espoir. Pas facile dans une société où le corps, comme tout le reste, se consomme à l’instant où le désir naît.

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We thought our lives would follow the same well-trodden path as the lives of our fathers and grandfathers. We were wrong, of course. The universe had other plans for us. The Emperor was coming, but the first currents of change in our society were already at work long before his arrival. Some time before the Emperor came to Caliban, a new knightly order had been founded among our people. It called itself simply ‘the Order’, and its members put forward the startling proposition that all men were created equal.

True enough, cousin,’ said Nemiel. ’ ‘I remember,’ said Zahariel, though in truth he remembered little of the night they had spent in the darkness beyond the safety of the gates of the Order’s fortress monastery, save for the terror of the great beasts, and of the night. ‘He told me it was a phrase from ancient Terra,’ continued Nemiel. ‘When people lived through periods of change, the kind of days when history is made, they referred to them as “interesting times”. They even had an expression: “May you live in interesting times”.

I have talked of Caliban, of Lion El’Jonson and of the campaign against the great beasts, but I have neglected to mention the most important player in our drama. I am talking about Luther. He was the man who found Jonson in the forest and gave him his name, the man who brought him to civilisation and taught him the ways of human society. He was the one who, through all Jonson’s exploits and honours, stood side-by-side with him and matched him. Luther had not Jonson’s advantages in matters of war and strategy.

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