By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Welcome to the Gal?pagos Islands! As you keep on with a direction in the course of the black lava rock on one of many islands, you could pay attention the ocean lions barking or the hum of a white-lined sphinx moth flying previous your head. The Gal?pagos Islands are vigorous, from a big tortoise trudging towards a cactus patch to a Gal?pagos barn owl gliding within the air, able to take hold of up a Santa Fe rice rat. Day and evening within the Gal?pagos Islands, the search is directly to locate nutrients - and to prevent changing into anyone else's subsequent meal. the entire dwelling issues are attached to each other in a meals chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, plant to insect, and bug to animal. What direction will you are taking to persist with the nutrients chain during the islands? Will you . . . pass fishing with a blue-footed booby? Snack on a few crabs with a Gal?pagos sea lion? Dive less than the reef looking for algae with a marine iguana? keep on with all 3 chains and lots of extra in this who-eats-what experience!

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Their parents won’t accept them back in the nest. Sometimes, if there’s not enough food, a chick will even push another chick over the line. That leaves more food for the remaining chicks to eat. But right now, there’s enough for everyone. The male shares his fish with the female. Then he takes off to find the new chick’s first meal. Last night for dinner, the blue-footed booby tossed down . . 49 . . an ocean skater skimmed from a lagoon. To see what .. more fish. T what the fis o see h Galápagos Is near the la like, tu r n to page nds are 27 another ocean skater is up to, tur n to page 19.

He can hold his breath for an hour, but the water’s so cold he doesn’t risk staying under for longer than ten minutes. Already, he can feel his legs growing weak from the cold. The marine iguana swims to the surface. Next to him the other iguana feed. One has stayed under too long. That iguana floats on the surface of the water but is too weak to swim. The cold water will continue to lower his body temperature until he dies. He slowly floats out to sea. Our marine iguana swims back toward shore.

Wait! What’s that? A shark fin has popped l be fine, The bull sea lion that got bit wil up. The sea lion h a new unless his wounds get infected wit barks and rushes nk e called sea lion pox. Scientists thi eas dis at the small es to ease is transmitted by mosquito dis the shark. Meanwhile, s wounds. Once infected, the sea lion n ope onshore the e ps under their skin. They becom lum get babysitting sea they and even paralyzed. In the end, ak we lion hurries the m starvation because they can’t swi of die youngsters out of this new to eat.

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