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Vom Selbst-Verstandnis in Antike und Neuzeit Notions of the Self in Antiquity and Beyond (Transformationen der Antike)

The interdisciplinary debate concerning the genesis of the independent topic has tended hitherto to disregard the pre-modern interval. the current selection of essays addresses this deficit. The heavily interconnecting person chapters hint and, partly, revise the heritage of thoughts of the topic and self in classical and post-classical texts.

Praeambula Fidei: Thomism and the God of the Philosophers

The praeambula fidei ("preambles of faith") are looked by way of Thomas Aquinas because the end result of philosophy: typical theology, the top wisdom of God that's attainable on philosophical grounds by myself. The common domestic for such issues is the Metaphysics of Aristotle and Thomas's statement on that paintings.

Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher (Roman)

Hildegunst von Mythenmetz kehrt zurück in die »Stadt der Träumenden Bücher«Über zweihundert Jahre ist es her, seit Buchhaim, die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher, von einem verheerenden Feuersturm zerstört worden ist. Der Augenzeuge dieser Katastrophe, Hildegunst von Mythenmetz, ist inzwischen zum größten Schriftsteller Zamoniens avanciert und erholt sich auf der Lindwurmfeste von seinem monumentalen Erfolg.

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But you are a ghost ; how can you still be thirsty or able to drink ? TANTALUS — that that's my punishment that ghost should be thirsty as if it were a body. It's just my MENIPPUS since you tell us you're But what do you find so that ? Are you afraid of dying for lack I can't see another Hades after this one, Well, we'll believe punished by terrible in it, thirst. of drink ? or a death hereafter taking us elsewhere. TANTALUS You are quite right ; but this is part of sentence to long to drink when I've no need.

ABACUS Don't, you're breaking his skull ; it's as weak as a woman's. MBNIPPUS Then he's as at least I'll have a good as man. spit at him, since much woman 1 Cf. ' By a Homer, Od. II, 29, etc. canal through Athos. 27 THE WORKS OF LUCIAN AIAK02 3. BovXei aol iTnSel^cj /cat roifs (Jo Ev(j)opp€ "AttoXXov t] iq o tl av deXrjs. nroAroPAs Mt) ^ KoX av ye, cL Mevimre. MENinnos OvK€TL XP^^OVS 6 flTjpOS

SCiKPATHE 5. '^yxc tprireZs, c5 MevLTnre; MENinnOS Kal jLtaAa, c5 EcjKpares. ZQKPATHS TL ra iv lAdijvaLs; MENinnos 418 TIoXXol ToJv vecov (J)lXo(to^€Iv Xiyovaty Kal rd ye axTjP'OLTa avrd Kal rd ^ahiapuara et dedoairo rts", aKpOL ^ oi. ZQKPATHS MdXa TToXXovs icLpaKa. MENinnoz MAAa GTLTTTTOS €(x)paKaSi otjjLaiy olos "^kc irapd aol 'AplIlXdrWV aVTOS, 6 fl€V aTTOTTvliOV flVpOV, 6 Tf §€ Tovs €V ZiKcXia rvpdwovs dcpaneveiv iKfiaOcov. ^ aKpoi iX6aooi fidXa iroXXor ra B* aXXa iwpaKas change of speaker) 32 y.

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