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Caroline in particular never said no when asked for aid. My agent, Nancy Love, was always there with support and assistance throughout the process. As anyone who writes a book knows, tracking down and identifying information is always a crucial, sometimes maddening, enterprise. Among those who helped me find critical sources were Linda Langscheid at Rutgers University’s Alexander Library, Penny Page of the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies Library, Leigh Hallingby of the Open Society Institute Library, and Jennifer Johnson-Spence and Ed Kirtz of the Drug Policy Alliance Library.

You may seek help—and benefit— from traditional treatments and twelve-step groups. But help can come in many forms, like simply seeing how others have done it, or identifying barriers you have to cross or steps you need to take. I will also discuss therapies that make the most sense in terms of this book’s perspective—and that have in fact been shown to be the most helpful to alcoholics and other addicts. One such therapy is called the Community Reinforcement Approach, and another Motivational Interviewing.

It simply is not true. 1 Values: Building on Your Values Foundation Values play a critical role in addiction—and your values are likely to be the key to your escaping addiction. This is a matter of both considering what your values are and sometimes refocusing on dormant values or even developing new ones. When you can truly experience how a habit is damaging what is most important to you, the steps out of your destructive habit often fall readily into place. While you can utilize any of a wide range of values in your fight against addiction—and to a certain extent you can go with whatever works for you—it is not true that all values are equally useful in this fight.

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