By Karen Traviss

The Clone Wars are over, yet for people with cause to run from the recent galactic Empire, the conflict to outlive has in basic terms simply began. . . .

The Jedi were decimated within the nice Purge, and the Republic has fallen. Now the previous Republic Commandos–the galaxy’s best detailed forces troops, cloned from Jango Fett–find themselves on opposing aspects and in very varied armor. a few have abandoned and fled to Mandalore with the mercenaries, renegade clone soldiers, and rogue Jedi who make up Kal Skirata’s ragtag resistance to Imperial career. Others–including males from Delta and Omega squads–now function Imperial Commandos, a black ops unit inside Vader’s personal 501st Legion, tasked to seek down fugitive Jedi and clone deserters. For Darman, grieving for his Jedi spouse and separated from his son, it’s an agonizing attempt of loyalty. yet he’s now not the single one who’ll be pressured to check the binds of brotherhood. On Mandalore, clone deserters and the planet’s personal natives, who've no love for the Jedi, could have their such a lot loved ideals challenged. within the savage new galactic order, previous feuds could have to be put aside to unite opposed to a miles larger risk, and no-one can take outdated loyalties without any consideration.

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Helliconia is a planet that, as a result vastly eccentric orbit of its personal sunlight round one other megastar, reviews seasons that lasts eons. complete civilisations develop within the Spring, flourish in the summertime after which die within the brutal winters. The human-like population were profoundly replaced via their event of this harsh cycle.

Dust (Jacob's Ladder Trilogy, Book 1)

On a damaged send orbiting a doomed solar, dwellers have grown complacent with their getting older steel international. but if a serving lady frees a captive noblewoman, the outdated order is set to alter. .. .

Ariane, Princess of the home of Rule, used to be recognized to be fiercely cold-blooded. yet severing an angel's wings at the battlefield--even after she had surrendered--proved her thoroughly with no honor. Captive, the angel Perceval waits for Ariane not just to complete her off--but to consume her very stories and brain. without doubt her grotesque loss of life will reason conflict among the houses--exactly as Ariane wants. yet Ariane's plan might but be adversarial, for Perceval immediately acknowledges the younger servant charged together with her care.

Rien is the misplaced baby: her sister. quickly they'll get away, hoping to prevent the upcoming battle and shop either their homes. however it is a deadly trip throughout the crumbling hulk of a loss of life send, they usually don't cross omitted. simply because on the hub in their turning international waits Jacob airborne dirt and dust, all that continues to be of God, following the vapor wisp of the angel. And he is aware they're going to meet very quickly.

Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)

Fresh within the action-packed Apotheosis epic

Adam, an AI production of an alien race, prepares to release a conquest that has been centuries within the making, and if he succeeds he'll rule over all humankind-over all sentient life-forms-as a God.

Battleground (Lady Hanna, Book 3)

Hanna Bassiano, previously referred to as girl H’ana ril-Koroth of D’neera, used to be, like every the folks of the planet D’neera a telepath. Mutated from true-human inventory, the D’neerans had claimed an international in their personal to flee persecution, and began a flourishing civilization there.

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Time slowed for 4-Gyrodd, his mind turning to liquid bliss as the Omnissiah’s grace flowed through it. With a single bolt of energy from his arc pistol, he turned the incoming streams of disc-shuriken to ash. As one his men raised their rifles, tracked their targets for a microsecond, and loosed shots in quick succession. The Eldar riders tumbled smouldering from their saddles, their jetbikes careening wildly away. ‘Task complete,’ said 4-Gyrodd as he marched onward. SICARIAN RUSTSTALKERS The Ruststalkers of the Skitarii Legions fall upon their foes in a slashing, stabbing frenzy.

The Dunecrawler of the 41st Millennium still bears very powerful weaponry, and the miniature fusion generator at its rear means it is able to outlast even the rugged vehicles of the Adeptus Astartes. Its guns are hard-linked to extensive databanks that can record its successes until it is as full as a tick bloated with stolen blood. The Dunecrawler’s modifications allow it to send this hard data directly to its masters – and conversely to channel their imperatives to the Skitarii around it. The Dunecrawler holds two crew, enmeshed with their Onager host in a strange symbiotic relationship.

They bear this duty stoically and in solemn silence, fighting to the last in the name of their inhuman god. OVERSEERS OF THE SKITARII The cyborg warriors that command the Skitarii cohorts passed the Crux Mechanicus long ago. Some are little more than a fleshy head sutured to a mechanical body, but from the most basic Alpha to the most vaunted Sicarian Princeps they are all worthy of respect. The war-forms of the Skitarii’s leaders are typically compact, though each is possessed of inhuman strength and endurance.

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