Ozark Rivers Solid Waste Management District

Meeting Records


September 27, 2016                       Agenda     Minutes
September 20, 2016                      Agenda     Minutes
June 21, 2016                                     Agenda     Minutes
May 17, 2016                                      Agenda     Minutes
February 23, 2016                           Agenda     Minutes


December 1, 2015(board)           Agenda

December 1, 2015(exec)              Agenda     Minutes
September 22, 2015                       Agenda     Minutes
June 16, 2015                                     Agenda     Minutes
May 5, 2015                                         Agenda     Minutes
March 3, 2015                                    Agenda     Minutes


December 2, 2014                            Agenda     Minutes
September 16, 2014                        Agenda     Minutes
June 17, 2014                                      Agenda     Minutes
May 6, 2014                                         Agenda     Minutes
March 4, 2014                                    Agenda     Minutes


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